Friday, April 1, 2022

Oink (a/k/a The Art of the Steal)

 ("She took the White House Photos. Trump Moved to Take the Profit")

Picture this. Donald Trump with his hand in someone else's piggy bank. Oink.

This is a man who robbed with impunity (Trump University, paying back $25 million to duped students), who left creditors in his wake (a half dozen corporate bankruptcies), who used his foundation to play personal shell games (paying $2 million to 8 charities to settle claims against him), who licensed his name on steak, wine, vodka and countless other products.

A man without a moral compass  except to be forever pointed in the direction of unquenchable greed. Someone who has spent a lifetime taking financial advantage of others.

This latest effort, monetizing the work of his White House photographer is just one more example of Donald being Donald.

But certainly not the last.

The art of the steal.



Anonymous said...

Merely the tip of the iceberg


Anonymous said...

Trump can only be brought down when the connection to Russian organized crime is firmly established, and the money is followed. This could take a long time. --RE.