Tuesday, April 26, 2022

On Failing Memory

What I do remember is what I don't remember

What I don't remember is what I do remember

What must I remember and what can I forget

And if I forget to remember what I must remember

And only remember what I can forget 

What then

What then becomes of me

If all I am is what I can forget

Then what I am is forgettable

If what remains of me 

Is but the remains of me

Then what remains of me

If I am what I recall

And I do not recall what I am

Then what am I

If memory fails then so must I

That much I remember


Anonymous said...

A deeply thoughtful Seussical You!
You are and will always be totally “unforgettable!!!!”


Anonymous said...

And I thought it was JUST me !👍👍


Anonymous said...

Well, you are certainly addressing here the essential questions of identity and memory and loss as we age. These are the great themes! Thanks for your words.


Anonymous said...

It's one thing to read about the joyful ruminations of a day and game made perfect by spending it at yankee stadium with your 3 year old grandchild; but to contemplate the existential solipsism of memory and self asks too much because it is too close to all of us who turned 70 or are turning 69.
So, as I can only still look forward to the joy of being a grandpa which may correspond to my being a lifelong Mets fan grown used to the agony of hope and disappointed expectations, I will dwell on the perfect game and leave you to remember what you have not yet forgotten.
Thank you for your ruminations.

Anonymous said...

Most importantly, we must remember to look forward to those yet-to-come memories.

Anonymous said...