Monday, April 18, 2022

The GOPfather

 ("Mar-A-Lago Machine: Trump as a Modern Day Party Boss")

He is the GOPfather, the political Marlon Brando.

The heads of the houses (McConnell and McCarthy) not strong enough to take him on, those underlings who have attempted to depose him finding themselves in Republican Siberia.

And so he continues to dispense his blessings from his throne in exile, his coffer filled to overflowing by contributions from those most grateful to find themselves in the Don's good graces, even if his blessing may be ephemeral.

When, in recent American history, has defeat done so little to diminish political value? Nixon dusted himself off from his loss to Kennedy to capture the title, but that was eight years later, with certainly some difficult intervening times. The last one term Presidents, Ford, Carter and George H.W. Bush, clearly did not retain the clout of Mr. Trump once they left office.

Donald Trump in refusing to cede power has somehow turned political straw into gold.  A Svengali continuing to dominate a party that by all logic should have abandoned him last November 

Instead, they still line up to kiss his ring.


Anonymous said...

So true and so scary

Anonymous said...

I am fearful for the coming of 2024…


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Follow the money.