Sunday, May 29, 2022


 Why are so many in this nation abandoning even the pretense of reason? 

Why has the idea of best protecting ourselves against a killer that has laid claim to over 1,000,000 lives since the beginning of 2020 been met with such resistance?

Why has the notion that we are damaging the environment and  threatening the welfare of our children been countered by such adamant opposition, or worse, apathy?

Why have we all but abandoned the effort to control our obsession with guns and accepted as unalterable reality the idea that losing lives by the thousands each and every month at the wrong end of a bullet is fair price to pay to satisfy our unquenchable appetite?

It cannot be a question of immediacy or magnitude. It cannot be a matter of mere speculation. These calamities are omnipresent and unrelenting. They do not shrink or retreat because some choose not to acknowledge the damage that is laid at their feet.

We cannot ignore our vast problems into submission. It would be insane to hold that as our best solution. 

For far too many, insanity is just fine.


Anonymous said...

Slightly simplistic but still accurate answer to the "why" question: racial capitalism.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately a rhetorical question


PickleBiz said...

Power; it's all about power, and the perception of what is a necessary stance to hold on to it. Not only is it an unconscionable abdication of responsibility, but it speaks volumes that the electorate that ultimately keeps these soulless individuals in office is itself warped beyond any ability to visualize the greater good and how to protect it. Indeed, neither they, or the morons they elect, care enough, or even CAN shirk their narcissism to care enough about what happens to anyone else.. the consequences of their inaction are totally beyond their grasp...that is what makes it so hopeless. The clowns run the circus.

Anonymous said...

Obstinance and avarice.

Anonymous said...

I agree with PickleBiz: 1. the clowns are running the circus. 2. The power of money has brought on this abdication of responsibility. Our only hope is that a real leader emerges; someone who is unafraid to educate the clowns and general population on a non-stop basis. A President needs to be a communicator; someone willing to be an incessant teacher to the public. Someone who does not pause teaching after the issue is voted on and defeated. It's a big wish. Biden is a creature of the Senate: "I proposed, they voted, we lost, next issue". --RE