Tuesday, May 24, 2022

My First Word (On getting Wordle in Two)

 She asked what was your first word ?

Think, I think

So thanks to think

At least thanks, I think

If it was think then thanks
To what I thought

But had I thought not think

But blink or blank

Or even clink or clank

Then I do not think

I would have thought

What I thought thereafter

Instead I might have chosen drink

Or drank or plink or plank

Or maybe even gone with place

   Oh, what a place to go 

And if indeed I had gone there 

From there where would I have gone

Not anywhere, nor somewhere

No, nowhere would not work

And if I was not anywhere

I would be nowhere close

If not close, then maybe chose 

Is what I'd next have chosen 

Or maybe I would think

That maybe maybe would do

If not maybe then how about never 

But if never was not it

Then maybe would could work

Or if not would then could

But could would not likely be

Could be right is wrong
Or wrong is right
But left is never right

That is clear but can't be cloudy

Thankfully today I chose wisely

Though wisely I could not choose

At least that's what I think I thought

Thanks think, I think

    Is that clear (but never cloudy)?


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So glad I asked, I think

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Alex said...

Very cute!

Anonymous said...

Haven't Wordled yet. 48 years of daily crossword has me shackled. PB

GNK said...

Wonderful. Sounds like Dr Seuss. Send to The Times!!!