Monday, May 2, 2022


 ("The Don Jr. Road Show in Ohio Was No Fake")

It was the parentheses that got my attention. That comment not intended to be the main thrust of the piece. Now, it warned, we should worry about a dynasty. I am.

We have seen the Kennedy clan, from the power of the father to the elevation of one son and the possibilities of two more. We have witnessed Bush senior and junior, separated by an extra initial and a Clinton in their ride to the top. And speaking of Clinton, they stood but a most unimaginable Trump roadblock from a husband wife dynamic duo.

But the ladies "going gaga" over Don Jr? The mere thought of another member of that family treating our democracy and our foundational principles as a chew toy is enough to make the mind beg for mercy.

This country has somehow become enamored with the American concept of royalty. But crowning the Trump's, from the hair to the heir apparent, as the best we have to offer, as the next "it" in the line of Succession, is a rabbit hole too far.

Did someone say Ivanka? 


Bruce said...

Vladimir Putin is a clear and present danger to Ukraine, the eastern part of Europe, all of Europe, Russia and the world at large and he must be stopped and stopped now. Why the US has a military budget of $792 B with 1.4 M active duty fighters, yet is unable to use them to take Putin out is and will be a mystery for quite a while.

galngotham said...

A very frightening thought, indeed!

Anonymous said...

Great one!


Anonymous said...

A perfectly horrifying concept.


Anonymous said...

what does it say about all of those who cl;ap, applaud, hoot and holler for him that this offers a mild description of his special talents: "He deploys funny voices and goofy faces, his comic timing is spot on, and he has a vicious streak untempered by decency or accuracy."
who needs accuracy or decency when neither seems a particular concern to at least 40% of the voting public
Jared and Ivanka are truy no better -- just more polished and at times, less buffoon like