Monday, June 27, 2022


 So frightening these tragic times

Democracy in pain
Our fundamental rights abridged
And violence unchained

America, America
What has become of thee
We're wounded now, and worry how
The blind will ever see

The unrestrained hatreds flow
They stain our every thought
Our neighbor now our enemy
In battles daily fought

America, America
Where does our greatness lie
Will we awake, for all our sake
Before the greatness dies

The trampling of all our truths
Relentless lies held high
A soaring eagle brought to earth
No longer does it fly

America, America
Restore our faith in you
Let us reclaim our once good name
And let us rise anew

Oh liberty your beacon's out
And dark of night surrounds
The hurting masses cast aside
And broken hearts abound

America, America
What will tomorrow bring
When will we hear, both far and near
The sound of freedom's ring

When we will hear, both far and near
The joy that freedom brings


Anonymous said...

Your words, as always like no one else, speak and feel to the heart of the matter.--RE

Anonymous said...



Bruce said...

It's okay; we're back to an underground railroad and a green-book for women and girls who seek health care services and happen to reside in a red state that prohibits abortion. Soon those states will hold their citizens prisoners if they're pregnant, not allowing them to cross state borders to go to other states. (And you always thought that interstate travel was a fundamental right! But not if your preggers). And if you have an ectopic pregnancy, stillborn that won't release or a uterine infection, all of which will kill you, well, tough on you. After all, some people have to die to vindicate the conservative agenda. The real test will be in November during the elections. Will enough people come to the polls to vote their desires or will they sit on their lard asses watching as their rights are taken away? That will be the true test and that will determine with finality where America stands on this issue and so many others.

Anonymous said...

Well said