Thursday, June 9, 2022

Blood, Tears and Indifference

 ("As Survivors Demand Action, House Passes Gun Bill Doomed in Senate")

It is the ultimate insult. The in your face disregard given to the voices of the grieving. The decision irrefutable, intractable, immutable.

There will come a time when the death grip of second amendment fanaticism loosens. But that is not today and it will not be tomorrow. And the words of those suffering the fresh wounds of loss will not be the catalyst. 

One wonders why there is such a chasm between the parties. Let the vote of the House and Senate serve as Exhibit A. It feels as though neither heart nor brain is evident in those who find insufficient cause to end this terrible plague upon our nation.

In the anguished pleas for sanity we face a most awful groundhog day of blood, tears and indifference. We should be better than this. The sad reality is that today we are most assuredly not.


Anonymous said...

Why did they even bother to listen to testimony. We know and the powers that be know that no new laws will be past. Why waste everybody’s time.


Anonymous said...

So sad but true


Anonymous said...

Sad beyond belief!


Anonymous said...

I wish that I could disagree and offer a persuasive argument in response.
I can't.
Red Flag laws, background checks and raise the age should all seem like low hanging fruit, incremental steps that would produce some, possibly significant, ameliorative impact. Banning pubic sale and possession of assault/military grade weaponry and amumition magazines seem like ano brained -- see the U.K., NZ, and Australia.
All are non starters, in essence, bulletproof because of the fillibuster.
So, as you say, we're trapped inside a groundhog's day of mass shootings and mass grief.