Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Thanks, For Nothing, Mr. Barr

 ("A Striking Contrast: Trump Officials Then and Now")

Funny what the guillotine of a perjury charge can do to bring out the best in a person.

I thought men and women in public service owed a continuing duty of honesty and fealty to those under their care. So, it would stand to reason that people in power would have given us fair warning that Donald Trump had departed from the world of reality in the days and months following his election loss in November of 2020.

Mr. Barr and the others now on parade, should you not hang your head in shame when you look at your response to the sham of the President and those like Mr. Guiliani that inexorably and inevitably led to the events of January 6, 2021?

There were many co-conspirators in this plot, not merely those who acted in support but the ones who failed to act against it or to alert the public of a truth that lay buried beneath a mountain of lawsuits and lies. 


Anonymous said...

You summed it up his crime so well. One can only hope that his guilty conscience becomes unbearable for him. But men like this rarely have one. He'll be on the talk show circuit, promoting his new book on ethics in government--RE

Anonymous said...

I can’t disagree with your point, but I am delighted that Billy did such a colorful “hit” on Trump. It may be late for 1/6, but it is early and valuable for 2024 by which time Trump will hopefully be politically dead.


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