Sunday, July 10, 2022

The President's Precedent

 ("At 79, Biden Is Testing the Limits of Age and the Presidency")

The President's precedent.

What do the following names have in common: Lyndon Johnson, Harry Truman, Calvin Coolidge, Rutherford Hayes, James Buchanan, James Polk? If you answered one and done (some with an asterisk, for they held office more than 4 years) you would be correct. All with an option to seek re-election. All deciding not to.

Franklin Pierce, John Tyler, Millard Fillmore, Andrew Johnson, Chester Arthur. All sitting Presidents who did not even secure their own party's nomination to run for a second term (to be fair, 4 of these 5 had not been nominated for a first term, but had been elevated to their position by reason of the death of the then sitting President).

That makes 11 who did not even make it to the starting line the second time.

In addition, 11 more sitting President's lost  in a bid for re-election.

Thus, as we stare into the great unknown and begin our contemplation of November 2024,  the future of Joe Biden, his party and the possible demise of democracy, we should understand that we are far from the first to consider whether we should continue to dance with the one who brung us. That is, if he decides to dance at all.


Anonymous said...

What concerns me is that Joe may want to keep dancing but, at this point, that seems A terrible choice
Similarly unclear
Harris seems to have been rendered and rendered herself non viable
Gavin Newsom? Telegenic and smart but not overwhelmingly popular in his own, progressive state.
I have no clue but mostly have concern about the vision, lack thereof of the DNC
More significantly still, I have deep worries about the independent state legislature doctrine, voter suppression, and other overt threats to our freedoms.

Robert said...

No easy options. - what about Pete Buttigieg? Cory Booker? (is the US not ready for a gay president or another black president)? Certainly neither of these Dems have far left leanings? But they are both relatively young, energetic, well spoken etc.

At the moment, I think Mr. Biden will not go gently into the night. I think he was chosen as the anti- Trump, and while this may have soothed our souls when he took office, I fear there is not enough there there for the turbulent times we live in.

And yes, all your other concerns make the future of our democracy a shaky proposition.

Anonymous said...

It is a conundrum as to whether or why Joe should run again. It is not a conundrum as to whether we will lose what democracy we have left. APT8A

Paul Bilsky said...

First, Pierce not Pearce.

Next, you forgot my choice who is starting to speak up. Gavin Newsom.

Robert said...

Newsom was mentioned in the first comment. I was trying to introduce other possibilities