Thursday, August 11, 2022

I Cannot Tell the Truth - Donald Pleads the 5th

 He may not actually have said "I cannot tell a lie" but the Father of our Country bears absolutely no resemblance to this Mother of Invention and Deception.

And yes we have had a good number of our Presidents caught in compromising positions, in most recent memory from Watergate to Iran Contra, to Bill Clinton's attempted parsing of the term "sexual relations". But never before in the long and storied history of this nation has a person who was chosen as the best among us raised his right hand and called upon his Constitutional protection not to put his foot in his mouth and his entire body behind bars.

Donald Trump spent most of the day yesterday covering his ample behind, uttering the same phrase nearly 400 times. For a man with such obvious disregard for the truth, it must have ibbled him that he could not have used this time to fabricate, equivocate and pontificate. But eventually even the worst among us decides the system has its advantages that are best to be called upon in the worst of moments.

Donald Trump is more likely to be our next President than to spend even one nanosecond behind bars. More likely to utter the Oath of office than to ever testify beyond what he didn't say when asked to provide something  other than his name.

Somewhere there is a cherry tree that was cut down by our 45th President. But he will never admit it.  For he is a man who cannot tell the truth.


Anonymous said...

Who said:
whoever stands behind the 5th amendment is really guilty.
who said that? oh, it was the Donald.

Anonymous said...

I hope you're wrong. The thought of that man occupying the White House again is terrifying.