Wednesday, August 17, 2022

The Sound of One Hand Clapping

 ("Biden Signs Bill on Taxes and Climate")

Is that the best you can do? No, not the Dems. The New York Times.

Under the headline hailing President Biden's signing of the law, FINALLY, finally providing  meaningful progress on the issue of attempting to save the planet, the NY Times has a caption reminding us that the "new law falls short of uplifting workers." 

Why that angle? Why today? Cannot this paper sing the praises of this President and his party without a caveat? Are they concerned this will make this venerable publication seem but a shill for one team?

I get there is still much work to be done. The Republican party will undoubtedly provide not very gentle reminders of that in the coming days and months before this November's showdown.

But come on. Would it kill you to allow the Dems one unfiltered moment in the sun for an accomplishment that but weeks ago seemed dead in the waters? For something, to borrow an old line from the now President, that is a "big f-ing deal" ?

So thanks, but no thanks for your "even handed" reporting. Today we expected far more from you than the sound of one hand clapping.


Anonymous said...

Well said.


Harvey F Leeds said...


Anonymous said...

exactly right
The Times seems to carry to an absurd degree the concern not to appear too "left-leaning"
and has incorrectly conflated the notions of accuracy with its perception of even-handedness, a concern that does not exist in the right wing press for two reasons, the absence of a concern with either -- no respect for factual/historical accuracy and less of a concern with being fair, or even handed
Every measure of the New Deal was a BFD even if not perfect
Ditto Social Security, medicare and the affordable care act
given just how deeply obstructionist the republicans have been,, how remarkable that we have the most recent legislation
the benefits of which should be highlighted and celebrated even while, in a tempered and appropriate way, its shortcomings acknowledged
thanks for making this point !!


Anonymous said...

Your observation is "spot on". The country is awash in people who no longer believe in what government can accomplish. It's unimaginable that this would include the writing staff at the NY Times. J.O. is right to say that great legislative accomplishment leads to real world accomplishment.
OK, we need a break. Harvey's video was so funny. I had a really good laugh! --RE

Anonymous said...

Yes. Agreed! The democrats are having an uphill battle to get good news out to the public at large. The NYT certainly isn’t helping.