Thursday, August 4, 2022

When They Go Low, We Go Lower

 ("A Cynical Low For the Democratic Party")

When they go low, we go lower.

Isn't that what Michelle Obama said? OK, maybe not, but how about all's fair in love and political war. Because, make no doubt about it, this is treated in Republican circles as a battle to the death.

And while it would be nice to keep your hands clean and your moral code unblemished, if you are fighting against an opponent using an AR-15, you better not rely on your ethical superiority as your first line of defense.

If January 6th and its aftermath was not a wakeup call to Democrats everywhere, then shame on us. Fighting dirty is not an abstraction, but a necessity and, if supporting the worst of the bad in a Republican primary gives the Dems even a hint of an advantage in the general election, then I say just watch how low we can go.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you but fear that the lesson of Jan 6 and everything that led up to it is that the Republicans are prepared to do anything, legal -/ meaning state legislation restricting ability and access to voting, and extra legal and violent to impose their will and vision of America.


Anonymous said...

Which is why I no longer donate to the DCCC or DSC and just directly to the candidates


Anonymous said...

It’s high time that we stop bringing a knife to a gunfight!!!