Sunday, September 11, 2022

A Noun. A Verb. And Rudy Guiliani

 ("Rudy Guiliani Is Alone")

In 2001 the country was desperate for a stabilizing force wrapped in red, white and blue. From the smoldering embers, out of a plume of smoke, emerged a walking, talking symbol of America's enduring strength. But Rudy Guiliani was just a mirage, a hero in the moment, of the moment.

Several years later, I went to a series of political discussions in New York City. One of the participants was the former Mayor. My most vivid recollection was how the audience almost snickered at his thoughts. Even then he had become a caricature, an embarrassing display of what many among us there perceived as a bewildering look at a man going off the rails. Clinging to an importance that was rapidly slipping through his fingers.

He has long since become the Emperor with no clothes. And what remains is but a small man, engulfed by his insatiable desire to remain relevant, to feel once more as he did when, for a terrible moment, he was the calm in the eye of the storm.


Anonymous said...

At moments, watching and listening to his bloviating self, I’m tempted to feel sorry for him and how truly pathetic he’s become. But when I think about his complete disregard for fact, truth, the rule of law, and basic decency, I’d prefer that he be held accountable for the damage he’s done and the lies he peddled.


Anonymous said...

When he ran for president, I attended a meeting in my boss’s stead. I asked him who he thought was a member of the middle class; his answer was, gee, anyone who has a job; you mean like Bill Gates?
LouP 8A

Anonymous said...

I can't believe he still has supporters. Embarrassing to say the least.