Thursday, September 15, 2022

Game. Set. Match.

 (" Roger Federer Says He Will Retire from Tennis")

He was like Cary Grant with a racquet in his hand. An elegance to his game and to his demeanor.

Never a hair, a word or a shot that appeared out of place. He made all the hard work seem not so hard after all.

20 majors doesn't begin to tell the entire story of Roger Federer. He was an ambassador for his sport, with a dignity in his bearing, giving everyone who watched him or competed against him the full measure of his effort and respect.

He was part of a three headed monster, along with Nadal and Djokovic, who swallowed up a generation of accolades. Each with his surface of preference, the grass of Wimbledon seeming to be greenest when Roger trod upon it.

There is question as to which among them can lay claim to the title of G.O.A.T. But there can be little doubt that the game of tennis itself is far better for having been able to count Roger Federer among its ranks for nearly the last quarter of a century.

 It has been an honor and a privilege to bear witness to a quality man bringing so many special qualities to his chosen field of endeavor.


Anonymous said...

Yes Federer is the anti-Trump. Elegant, fair minded, considerate, hard working, humble, realistic,accomplished.
We all are fortunate to have him in our presence.


Anonymous said...

My favorite ever. Now he may not be the GOAT in terms of stats but he is undoubtedly the most gifted player who has also been the most important player with the greatest impact on the sport (men's side).


Anonymous said...

Very good one.


ASK said...

And he made a sh— load of money. Doesn’t have to go to work any more!