Friday, September 16, 2022

Why Is He Still Here?

 ("Why Is There Still No Strategy to Defeat Donald Trump?")

Why have we not not been able to say bad riddance to Mr. Trump?

Those who are drawn to him are enamored with a different genre of writing than the ones who find him abhorrent. Fiction is their game of choice, where immigrant is spelled terrorist, where the melting glaciers are only bad for polar bears, where their man is a victim of cruel and unrelenting examination by those who refuse to accept his vision, where two plus two equals whatever he says it does and where innocent even after proven guilty is the one rule of law that exists in his universe.

Donald Trump remains because the idea of Donald Trump, not the ideas of Donald Trump under harsh light, are paramount. A heroic figure, this Don Quixote, willing to fight to the death for those who believe like him, who believe in him. Willing to march into Hell for a heavenly cause.

And that is, and will forever be, why reason and reality do not stand a chance against such an impregnable foe.


Anonymous said...

You sadly and brilliantly crafted and answered the quintessential, multi-million dollar question.


Anonymous said...

He’s still here because his white nationalist backward looking fact rejecting bombast resonates with 40% or so of the country
I agree with everything you wrote except it sullies Don Quixote to be offered as point of reference


Anonymous said...

unfortunately, i agree lois

Anonymous said...

I love this piece! You belt out the truth impacting us viscerally!!!


Anonymous said...

More than ever, people need good government to lift life's burdens. Partisan politics has rendered government ineffective for solving real problems. Until people actively involve themselves in fixing government's shortcomings, Trump or someone like him, will stay around.--RE